The safety of our staff is the single most important element of our business.  To ensure are staff remain injury and illness free, Craven, Elliston & Hayes have a systematic and coordinated approach to safety.  Our OHS Management System comprises a series of plans, actions and procedures that ensure the welfare of our staff at all times.

Our systems are specifically tailored for each client and for each job and are compiled with active involvement from all staff involved in the project as well as input from clients and other external sources.  Our extensive history of working in both the mining industry and the construction industry allows us to draw on a wealth of experience and collective knowledge when compiling these systems.

A passion for safety drives our operations and all staff are encouraged to share and foster this passion through the continual upgrading and improvement of our safety systems through:

  • Encouraging all staff to speak openly about any aspect of safety.
  • Making safety the cornerstone of all our operations.
  • Creating a custom safety analysis for each area of our practice and for each client.
  • Inter-relating our systems with those of our clients.
  • Undertaking continual auditing and improvement of our safety systems.