Craven, Elliston & Hayes has two registered mine surveyors and many experienced mine surveying personnel able to provide an array of services to both the coal and metalliferous mining industries.  CEH has a long and proud history of providing surveying services to the mining industry in both the Lithgow district and beyond.

CEH is able to provide a variety of services from providing statutory appointments to completing underground layout or stockpile volumes for reconciliation.  We have a proven track record when it comes to performance.  CEH has been involved in some way, with every coal mine to have operated in the Lithgow District for the past 40 years.  Over that time, we have also been involved in a large number of coal mines across the state.

Our involvement has ranged from the provision of a registered mine surveyor to cover all aspects of statutory compliance, through to both underground and surface layout, volume surveys for stock reconciliation and surveys for infrastructure development.

We are also able to satisfy both departmental regulations and client briefs in regards to subsidence monitoring.  We can achieve this through the installation of subsidence lines which are monitored on a regular basis using a combination of GNSS techniques, EDM positioning, precise levelling and straining.

We also offer a photographic subsidence service in which a chronological database of geo-referenced photographs is maintained which chronicles the changes in surface features above the active mining areas.

CEH is also able to provide professional services for the creation of exploration and mining leases.

CEH staff are proud of their safety record and are actively involved in the ongoing development of safety systems in accordance with the Workplace Health and Safety Act and Regulation 2011, Coal Mine Health and Safety Act 2002, Mine Health and Safety Regulation 2006 and all associated regulations and amendments.  For more information visit our safety page.

  • Registered Mine Surveyors
  • Underground layout
  • Open Cut surveys
  • Conveyor Belt Installation and Alignment
  • Borehole Set Out and Coordination
  • Subsidence Monitoring
  • Old Workings Investigations
  • Stockpile Volumes
  • Photographic Chronicle of Surface Features.
  • Density Surveys and Stock Reconciliation
  • Control Surveys for both Underground and Surface Works
  • Monitoring