CEH Survey operates environmentally friendly fixed wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) which are capable of taking off and landing within very small areas. CEH Aerial Surveys and Photography uses cutting edge UAV technology that is capable of flying in practically all weather conditions. They are equipped with High Definition still cameras, producing high quality images. Our UAVs are operated from the ground producing aerial images. Our UAV based survey will produce up to 500 high quality images per sq. kilometre, down to 2.4cm resolution (unlike off-the-shelf aerial imagery that is typically 12.5cm/pixel resolution and may well be out-of-date).

Our UAVs shoot hundreds of vertical images on each flight. These images are processed using our tailored software to produce high-resolution orthomosaics. The orthophotos can be georeferenced to a known coordinate system and overlaid on existing data. Imagery can be supplied in formats compatible with GIS, CAD or printed in large format. The detail gained from the individual imagery or orthorectified mosaics generally surpasses anything else currently available either from satellite or conventional aerial imagery.

Main benefits of using CEH Survey:

  • Cost effective – we can survey upto 3km2 per 50 minute flight
  • Fast turnaround time of captured data
  • More reliable flight scheduling in a wider range of weather conditions.
  • Save time – large areas surveyed up to 50 times faster than ground-based land
  • Improve safety – survey remote and difficult to access areas with minimal ground access and less time on site due to high speed of UAV(cruising speed of 80km/h)
  • Better information – vertical photography is combined with accurate topographic data to create highly accurate digital terrain modelling and volumetric analysis
  • Improve decision making – more detailed and up-to-date than off-the-shelf data
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Access to more areas than a conventional aerial photography at higher resolutions


  • Preliminary site assessment
  • Design work in relation to road corridors, irrigation channels, planting/cropping areas, dam placement/capacity & water catchment areas, rehabilitation, flood studies (mitigation), etc.
  • Area calculations in relation to cropping, plantations, existing dams, swamps, rehabilitation areas, etc.
  • Volume calculations in relation to stockpiles, voids, dams (may also require a bathymetric survey which we can complete if the bottom is unknown), landfills (eg: garbage, tailings), road cuts/fills, etc.
  • Geo-referenced mosaics with or without contours
  • Topographic surveys
  • Volumetric surveys
  • Construction progress photography
  • Quarry/Landfill Surveys
  • Marketing images
  • Site design
  • Crop Inspection
  • Rehabilitation Monitoring/Design
  • Providing a simple aerial mosaic of an area
  • Checking the growth rates of rehab
  • Checking the areas and extents of bushfire damage
  • Photographing hard to access areas for any purpose
  • Work performed (WAE)
  • Sedimentation surveys of drainage lines and waterways
  • Flood studies
  • Erosion and erosion control checking
  • Chemical discharges and/or discolouration of the environment (perhaps an area you can’t enter)